Hi, I’m Jen! 


I was born and raised in St. Charles, IL, and after a few years here and there, I’m happy to be back! I am the sole owner (and usually sole operator) of The Local Petaler, which is nearing its fifth birthday!

Floral design wasn’t always my intended career. Actually, I have a background in fine art, film/tv production, and comedy writing... so it totally makes sense that I started a floral design business, right?!

Turns out it's a perfect marriage (intentional pun) of my artistic skills and business sense! The jokes are just bonus.



About The Local Petaler

How did it start?

Here's the story:

My grandparents, Pat and Bill (or as they called each other, Patsy and Willie) were together for 70 years! And in my opinion, perfectly complimented one another.

Unfortunately, my grandma fought a long battle with congestive heart failure, which ultimately led to kidney failure... On her death bed, my dad, her former son-in-law, came over to say his goodbyes, and jokingly said, “Well I would have brought you flowers, but I know you hate them.” To which my dear, sweet grandmother said, “Oh, I don’t hate flowers! Just no one has ever brought me any.”

Long story short, The Local Petaler was born. And though it’s in large part to pay homage to my grandmother (and make up for all of the lost flowers), it wouldn’t be right without including my grandfather too. (I highly suspect he’s the one that spread the “Pat hates flowers rumor,” so that he didn’t have to bring her flowers all the time. Also I think my grandma was aware and went along with it... probably because he had allergies and she didn’t want him to be sick... ugh, love.) They weren’t complete without each other. So it wasn’t surprising that not long after my grandma passed, my grandfather did as well. Such is life.

I’d like to think I put a little bit of both of them into making my business whole. I even tried to represent them in my logo: a daisy for Grandma; sweet, simple and classically beautiful, full of joy and effort and energy. And a thistle for Grandpa; charming and unique, reliable, and a bit prickly... er, I mean... with a bit of an edge...

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